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Certified Web Design

Every now and then you come across a person of unique talent who is dedicated to their field.

We at Certified Design have been creating Web sites since 1996, and maintain the latest W3C standards, which means we keep up with the latest technologies used on the World Wide Web.

Web Design techniques are fashioned to your tastes and style. It begins with a metaphor, a concept of how you want the rest of the world to view you and/or your company or organization. For example: your letterhead can be implemented on a Web site, or if you don't have an original letterhead, we can create that for you too.

Our Web site styles are all original and there are a few examples of how different Web sites might be arranged. You will see an example of a corporate style, a newsprint style, frames, no frames, navigation bars on the left vertically, and/or across the top and/or bottom of pages horizontally, applets, flash, and DHTML, etc., for more interactivity, and cgi scripts for online forms. Also available are SSL for credit card security, and cataloging using data bases. The choice is yours.

There are infinite ways to style a Web site. Each one is a work of art in its own right. Therefore, look around this Web site, and if there is anything you see that interests you, contact me.

Pricing is reasonable and negotiable, and work is always guaranteed.

On this Web site you will also see applets, flash, a few more interactive styles.

On the Secretarial Services Web site you will see PowerPoint used on the Web, slide shows are available for your presentation needs.

As I said, "look around", enjoy your tour, and I hope you will come back again soon.